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    There are three options for user login in SupportCandy in general settings:

    1. SupportCandy Login Form – It loads default inbuilt login form for user to login on support page.
    2. WordPress Login Link – It shows login button link which redirects to WordPress login screen. Once user logged in successfully, it redirects back to support page.
    3. Custom Login URL – You may have custom login page. You can set URL of that page for user to redirect for login.


    You can enable user registration in general setting of SupportCandy. It gives you three options you can allow users to register:

    1. SupportCandy Registration – This is default inbuilt user registration form for SupportCandy.
    2. WordPress Default Registration – It shows registration button link which redirects user to WordPress user registration form. You must enable Anyone Can Register setting in WordPress general setting.
    3. Custom Registration Method – You may have custom registration page on your website. You can set registration page URL in Custom URL option.


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