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WP Support Plus Import

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    This will allow you to import settings and tickets from WP Support Plus to SupportCandy. Now you can import your all WP Support Plus data like settings, tickets, custom fields, support agents, add-on’s etc to SupportCandy. Note that before importing data and tickets of WP Support Plus, all tickets and other data from SupportCandy will be removed in order to maintain ticket ids.

    Following are the steps you have to follow before the importing process :

    1. If you have premium add-ons purchased for WP Support Plus and have an active license, please create a ticket here to let us know you want to transfer licenses from WP Support Plus to SupportCandy.
    2. Please, take the full back up of your database.
    3. Upgrade WP Support Plus version to 9.0 if not already done.
    4. Install SupportCandy plugin from your plugins page.
    5. Download and install import addon from this link.
    6. Go to Support > WPSP Import and click the Import button. This may take some time please do not press refresh or back button until it finishes.
    7. Once import completed. Go to plugins and deactivate and delete Import add-on as we do not need it anymore.

    There are few features which are present in WP Support Plus but not in SupportCandy which will be not imported. These are as follows :

    • Support Button
    • Skype Call and Chat Button
    • Category Supervisor
    • Stick Ticket Add-on
    • Multiple Email Piping
    • Knowledge Base Add-on
    • FAQ Add-on

    Please feel free to create a ticket on this link in case you have any questions or need help on this.

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