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As the name suggests, you can set it to close tickets after x days of inactivity automatically.

How does it work?

  • Administrator sets after how many days of inactivity the ticket should be closed, which statuses of the ticket it should consider for it, etc.
  • The administrator can also set multiple warning email notifications that will be sent to the customer before x days of closing the ticket.
  • The customer receives warning emails as per the set number of days before closing the ticket automatically.
  • If customers do not respond even after warning emails, the ticket gets closed after a set number of days of inactivity.


SupportCandy – Automatic Close Tickets

Billed yearly, until canceled.

Support and updates are subject to an active license.

Details and compatibility

Current Version


Minimum WordPress Version


Minimum PHP Version



Please create a ticket if you still have any further queries about this product. We’ll get back within 24 hours, if not early.