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The private credentials add-on allows your customers to share sensitive information within the ticket. For example, if you are a web development agency and need your customers to share information like cPanel access, administrative access, FTP details, etc. If the customer has to share this information within the reply, it will be visible to all agents who have read permission to the ticket and will be sent in the email notifications.

How does it work?

  • A new widget, “Private Credentials” is added within an individual ticket page.
  • The customer (ticket creator) can add/edit/delete the credentials in this widget.
  • The information is stored in an encrypted format in the database.
  • The agents, who have the capability, can view/add/modify/delete the credentials.

Agent Capabilities

You can control who can view/modify/delete the private credentials from your agents. The below capabilities are added to the agent role.

  • View Credentials: Read permission of the private credentials.
  • Modify Credentials: Add/Edit permission of the private credentials.
  • Delete Credentials: Delete permission of the private credentials.

You can set which tickets the above permissions apply to as given below.

  • Unassigned: Tickets not assigned to any agent or agentgroups.
  • Assigned to me: Tickets assigned to the current agent of this role.
  • Assigned to others: Tickets assigned to any agent/agentgroup.


SupportCandy – Private Credentials

Billed yearly, until canceled.

Support and updates are subject to an active license.

Details and compatibility

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Please create a ticket if you still have any further queries about this product. We’ll get back within 24 hours, if not early.