Setting up SupportCandy is almost Plug and Play. We have given necessary documentation, FAQs for your help while you are setting up the plugin. Additionally, you can create support tickets for any help you may need while setting it correctly as per your requirement.

But still, if you do not want to get in details to all this, we provide paid setup service for you in which you can just let us know the requirement and an expert will set this for you on your website.

All you need to do is purchase this service from Pricing Details section on this page and create ticket with category Setup Service. You can provide requirements in this ticket description in detail.

This consultation and setup fee is for single site only. You will need to pay separate fee for each website.

Our expert will review your requirement and will ask for your website access information via secure method and start setting up by discussing with you further. Primarily discussion will be done via ticket you created for this service but it is not limited to. If needed, our expert may call you via Skype or any other communication medium which has screen-share option for discussing things with your requirement. If call is needed, he will send you calendar invite based on your availability.

He can suggest to buy premium add-ons or paid customisation depending upon your requirement so that you get exactly what you needed. But that does not mean he will always suggest buying add-ons or paid customisation. It is all depend on your requirement and feature availability in the product.

Please note, this service is non-refundable even if you decide not to use the product at all. This is special consultation fee in which an expert spend time to setup, plan, discussion, Skype Call (if needed), etc.