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Paid Customization

Sometimes you need some features which is not available in SuportCandy and its premium add-ons. You can create ticket for such requirement as Feature Request or Paid Customization category. We'll review your request and first consult with our team that whether it can be added as feature in our product itself. If our team agrees to make it available as feature in our product, we will give approximate ETA for the feature.

If our team do not accept your request to make it available as feature in our product, we can provide paid customization estimate for the requirement.

We do provide paid customisation to our products as an extension for your custom need. You can still update the original plugins in future because customization is extension to the product as like other premium add-ons we have.

Upon the price we agreed you can choose token to purchase from this page. Lets consider we agreed on price $150 then you can choose token $100 and $50 at the same time before add to cart.


The cost of customization will be decided based on your requirement. If you change your requirement after cost decided, the cost will be changed as per new requirements.


We provide 3 (three) months free support to our customisation. In this period, you can report bug in our customization and we will be committed to fix those bugs. Please note, if you need extra work which is other than your initial requirement to the same customization, it will cost you extra.


If we fail to deliver or our customization do not meet your given requirements or if you found bugs in our customization and we fail to fix those bugs, you can request for refund within 30 days. Before a refund will be granted, you must allow us to try and help solve any problem you have. Please note, refund will not accepted if you simply decided not to use the product or customization. We stand behind our products and will assist you in solving any problem you have, but we also expect you to adequately understand what you are purchasing and why.

Pricing Details