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If you deal with a company or organization and tickets are created by employees of that organization, you need to identify from which company or group this ticket has been made. This add-on allows you to create a group of users and functionalities around it.

How does it work?

  • You need to set up usergroups with members and supervisors.
  • Supervisors can manage tickets created by the group members.
  • Members, if allowed, can decide to create private tickets or which usergroup the ticket is being created for.
  • Agents, if allowed, can modify the usergroup of the ticket.
  • You can create custom fields for usergroups to store more information like phone numbers, addresses, websites, etc.
  • Finally, you can show usergroups in the ticket list and filter the tickets using usergroups.


SupportCandy – Usergroups

Billed yearly, until canceled.

Support and updates are subject to an active license.

Details and compatibility

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Please create a ticket if you still have any further queries about this product. We’ll get back within 24 hours, if not early.