Feature Comparison of the Best Help Desk WordPress Plugins in 2023

features of best support ticket system for wordpress


In today’s digital age, a good amount of online presence is necessary for a business. Communicating through online platforms like websites ensures rational channels for communication with the users. This implies that a mere presence isn’t enough and that won’t help your website stand out from the crowd. 

The quality of customer support and communication supported by your website decides its overall success in terms of views and retention rates.

One such amazing and popular software extension used to enhance the quality of your website is the help desk WordPress plugin. These are the software plugins that are used on WordPress websites.

The Importance of Help Desk WordPress Plugins

Whenever the matter of ensuring good quality customer support services enters the arena the role of WordPress plugins turns out to be essential. The effectiveness of WordPress plugins can be explained through the above-mentioned points: 

  1. It helps in providing valuable support assistance to the users visiting your website. The on-time delivery of support services is a plus point for your website.
  2. Enables the tracking of user -related queries and other stuff in one place which turns out helpful for the support team to manage.
  3. These even provide basic features like creating articles and even FAQs. Finding solutions to common issues faced by users. 
  4. An efficiently curated helpdesk mechanism always enhances your user experience leading to a positive impact. 
  5. With strong data insights and analytics, it helps your website develop a strong user base. 

Why Do You Need Help Desk Plugins?

Let’s delve deeper into how the help desk WordPress plugin is required for your organisation this 2023:

  1. It makes it easy for your business to handle inquiries from various sources from emails to phone calls. 
  2. The efficient tracking of communications always makes the work of support teams more efficient and organised.
  3. A user-oriented approach in dealing with redressals not only leads to the automation of work but also helps in building an affirmative brand image.
  4. With the expansion of business, the volume of consumer queries also increases naturally. To tackle this with clarity and perfection such plugins can be your ultimate partner during scalability.
  5. Getting a sneak into crucial data like response rates, consumer satisfaction, and viewership rates becomes easy with the data provided.

Benefits of Using WordPress for Help Desk

The crux of making use of such WordPress helpdesk plugin is as follows:

  • Highly known platform: It’s a popularly used solution that makes it a similar mechanism for many. This makes it easy to implement while providing helpdesk solutions.
  • Easy integration: It satisfies one of the major concerns related to the easy integration of help desk plugins with your existing WordPress website. 
  • Budget-friendly alternative: As compared to the expensive standalone solutions the customer support plugin turns out to be cost-effective.
  • Amazing customization options: Such helpdesk plugins offer customization options that can help you tailor your helpdesk work smartly.

Key Features Comparison Top Help Desk WordPress Plugins

Being aware of the key factors related to such WordPress help desk plugins is quite crucial. 

  1. User-friendly designed interface.
  2. Helps your scaling business needs.
  3. Beautifies the quality of consumer support offered.
  4. Protects the sensitive data of users. 
  5. Supports the automation of common tasks.
  6. Leads to effective ticket management.


The Support Candy is one of the most popular customer support and ticket management systems. It’s easy user interface streamlines the communication process. In the end, it enhances the overall customer support services.


Support candy 

Ticket management 

  • Offers the feature of organised and effective ticket management. 


  • Provides a variety of customisation options for statuses as well as priorities.


Provides easy customisation of the following elements:


  • Email templates  
  • Support portals
  • Ticket forms 


  • Provides access to API for custom connections.



It is quite an affordable option.

( Especially for the WordPress users)


  • It ensures an interface that turns out to be user-friendly.


  • It’s easier for those who have already worked and are familiar with WordPress.


Zendesk is a supreme quality WordPress helpdesk plugin system. It has several features to offer that can streamline your customer support services. 



Ticket management 

  • Offers an amazingly efficient ticket tracking system. 


  • Offers automation of various tasks for the support services.


  • It has a variety of customisable options to tailor your help desk work.


  • This feature helps in choosing the best options that align with the requirements of your business.


  • Offers a great amount of integration through its Zendesk marketplace.


  • Also does the same through the API.


It provides access to several pricing plans as per your needs. This includes the free trial one, the basic one, and one that offers scalable options.


  • It has quite a user-friendly interface that promotes ease of usage by the users.


  • Provides systems that suit all types of business needs.

Fresh desk

Freshdesk is on the list of one of the most renowned systems to enhance consumer service experience. The plethora of tools and customisable options make it a worthy choice for handling customer requests.



Ticket management 

  • Provides a smart ticket-tracking mechanism.

  • These are accompanied by some efficient customisable alternatives.


You can easily tailor its mechanism as per your business needs with its easy-to-customise feature.


  • Provides API access.

  • Ensures limited integration but, with renowned tools.


  • Has an affordable price range to offer.

  • Charges a one-time fee payment from the WordPress users. 

User experience 

  • Its core focus always relies on enhancing the user experience.

  • This implies that it offers an interface that is easy to implement.

Awesome support

The awesome support is a help desk WordPress plugin that was primarily designed for WordPress users. Providing access to various features regarding consumer queries and ticket handling enhances the quality of support services.


Awesome support 

Ticket management 

  • Supports and manages consumer requests efficiently.


  • Do the same with the help of customisable ticket features.


  • Customise the emails in such a way that they align with your brand in the best way.


  • Provides a similar kind of customisation with ticket handling as well. 


  • Provides an option to integrate with WordPress.


  • Also, allows you to select third-party plugins.


Has an affordable and worthy price range to offer. It has price 

deals meant for:


  • Businesses
  • Developers 
  • Personal use 


  • Offers an extremely user-friendly interface.


  • Provides ease of navigation experience.


Hence, choosing the most worthy and efficient help desk WordPress plugin should be the ultimate goal of every business. By analysing various factors like customisations, integrations, budget, etc the right type of system should be chosen. In the end, effective and well-organised channels of communication maintain your brand image by enhancing the overall user experience.