Why SupportCandy is the Best Customer Support Plugin for WordPress?

In the world of online business, providing great customer support is really important. When it comes to WordPress websites, SupportCandy is the best WordPress customer support plugin out there.
From its user-friendly interface to its robust ticketing system, this plugin excels in empowering WordPress website owners to deliver prompt and personalized assistance.
Let’s dive deeper into why SupportCandy is the ultimate choice for WordPress customer support.

What does a customer need?

In today’s era a customer needs assistance that is fast and personalised and that too the service has to be super reliable and up to date with other aspects as well. You need something that can handle everything for the support like the creation and management of tickets, task assigning, progress tracking, and effective communication.

So, what is the solution then? And what is the best customer support plugin that can handle all the important things? The simple solution to all your customer support problems on your website is SupportCandy for WordPress. This is a plugin that can solve all the customer support updates and query resolution aspects. With SupportCandy you can revolutionize the customer support for your customers and help in the boosting of the reputation of sales and services.

In this article, we will help you explain why you need SupportCandy and why SupportCandy is the best plugin for you. 

So, what exactly is the SupportCandy plugin, and why this Customer support plugin for the Website will help you redefine the way we do customer support. Let’s Find out.

What is SupportCandy?

The SupportCandy WordPress website plugin can help you get the best support for the customers through the simple work of management of tickets from the customers in WordPress. You can further assign the tasks to the team directly from the plugin and you can even send different emails to customers as well. It also has many different features that can help with easier functioning and usability.

The SupportCandy plugin is great and has many features that will make customer support more effective and useful. Some of the Important add-ons that will enhance the customer experience and make the experience much more simple and useful are WooCommerce Integration, Email Piping, Agent rules assigning, Satisfaction survey, Service Level Agreement or SLA, user group, agent group, knowledgeBase integration, ticket scheduling, FAQ integrations and lastly knowledge integrations. 

Improve customer support on WordPress with the SupportCandy WordPress plugin. 

So, now you know the basic features of SupportCandy. But it is not important to just read about these features, but also to look at these features in full detail to really understand all the features of the supportcandy and how they work. 

Features of SupportCandy

Let’s look at all the features in full detail to understand the importance of these features. It is not enough to simply read about these features; you must also examine them closely to fully comprehend all of the supportcandy’s functions:

The Option of Unlimited Tickets:

One of the great features of the SupportCandy Website Plugin is that there is no limit on user tickets or the number of agents on the website. There is no limit to the number of tickets you can create on the SupportCandy plugin. You can simply do the creation of multiple tickets or any amount of tickets and further assign these tickets to your team. All this can be done without restrictions through the use of this plugin.

You can also do different types of customizations in the ticket fields, categories, statuses, labels, and priorities according to your requirements. You can also set the different levels of permissions required for customers and for agents on what they can and can’t do in the plugin.

Advanced filter & Search functionality

The advanced feature of the SupportCandy WordPress customer support plugin will help you with searching tickets based on different advanced filters like status, criteria, category, priority, agent, date, customer, etc. It also has an option of using these filters at a later time and later you can use it as you left it.  

You can also do different types of sorting based on columns like subject, ID, updated date, and much more. Also, these tickets can be saved as PDF or CSV for later use.

Special Private notes for communication between agents

SupportCandy also provides the option of adding notes to different tickets that can only be viewed by agents. You can further communicate with different team members on an internal level and get feedback from different customers. This helps in better team-level collaboration and thus bettering the efficiency of the team.

Further, you can tag certain agents with the “@” symbol and send the note in private mode to only that agent. The agent will be notified through an email and they can join the conversation.

16+ customized types of Fields

SupportCandy plugin can also provide around 16+ customized field types that can help in including more information in the tickets. These include text dropdowns, text fields, radio buttons, check boxes, file attachments, date pickers, etc. You also have the option to choose from different areas of custom friends like agent-only fields, ticket fields, and custom fields.

You can further set different custom fields like optional, hidden, or required. You can change the different visibility options as well like private or public.

Different add-ons on premium 

There are many add-ons with the premium. You will get many add-ons and features that will be integrated with the functionality of the plugin. Some add-ons on premium are:

SupportCandy add-ons

    • Email Piping: The functionality of the add-on allows it to reply to tickets using the power of your email account. For instance, you provided a main customer support email address and this add-on will be converting all the emails into tickets on customer support.

    • WooCommerce: This add-on provides proper buttons for the help tab and my account tab. Customers thus have the option of selecting the ticket in the form. It also gives the agent access to customers’ tickets individually.

    • Canned Reply: This ad provides the steps through which an agent can send frequent replies to customers. It just requires two to three steps to insert the answer and later it can be used accordingly.

    • Agent rules assigned: This add-on helps in assigning an agent according to the set conditions or when a ticket is generated.

    • Service Level Agreement or SLA: This add-on provides a due date for the closing of the ticket based on set rules of the ticket. The time remaining is shown in the time field of the ticket if the option is added in the SLA field.

    • Satisfaction Survey: This adds one helps in sending an email based on the interaction and ticket resolution and how the agent performed to solve that ticket. Through this, the customers can provide their feedback.

    • Automatic closure of Ticket: This add-on helps in the auto-closure of tickets under set rules through which, if the ticket is inactive for X days, it will be closed automatically. It also sends a warning message before the ticket closes.

    • User Group: This add-on helps in creating a group where the users have access to other’s tickets. This has multiple benefits on based customer service resolution and faster closure of tickets.

    • Agent Group: This is a great add-on for multiple agents to access the ticket, if the agent through the group supervisor gets permission to manage the ticket, they can do that.

    • Scheduling of tickets: This add on provides the option of creating tickets that will be recurring through X days or X months whenever the day is set.

    • Knowledge Base Integrations: This helps in the integrations of different plugins of knowledgebase belonging to WordPress and combining that with the integration of the helpdesk.

    • FAQs Integration: This add-on helps in the integration of different FAQs using WordPress with the helpdesk. That helps in answering the basic questions, if the customers are facing an issue that can be resolved by them easily using these questions.

These premium types of SupportCandy’s add-ons can really provide a high level of functionality and we say you take these add-ons to get the best level of functionality for the most important out of the plugin and improve customer support on WordPress


The SupportCandy is the Best customer support plugin for you if you can use this. You can surely improve customer support on WordPress today with this plug-in. SupportCandy has the most advanced and high-end features to really help you connect to your customers and provide your customers phenomenal customer service today. The SupportCandy Plugin can be used for different business needs and any business with the potential of customer support can use it. Searching for the best customer support plugin for your WordPress website, trust SupportCandy. Download Now!



Yes, Support is compatible with any version of WordPress. You just have to apply the basic steps to install Support Candy just like any other plugin. 

Yes, Support Candy has the ability that it can easily handle large volume customer enquiries and tickets. Further it can handle it under no restriction on the number of tickets or agents.

The Support Candy Basic Plugin does not provide Analytics and reporting capabilities But With the Premium version you can get an add-on through which you can check analytics and reporting data.