Why Should SupportCandy WordPress Ticketing System Be on Top of Your List While Choosing a Ticketing System?

Why Should SupportCandy WordPress Ticketing System Be on Top of Your List While Choosing a Ticketing System?


When using a WordPress website for your business, you must look out for a WordPress ticketing system as customer support. If you are familiar with the WordPress support plugin then you must have used it and know very well how complex & expensive those can be. Many plugins have customization limitations and some have performance issues. Hence it is necessary to choose the best customer support plugin and the best ticketing system.

SupportCandy is regarded as one of the best support ticket system for WordPress. It has been designed to streamline as well as enhance your support processes. It has 10,000+ active installations, downloaded by over 2,50,000 users. If you are choosing a ticketing system, then in today’s article, we are going to describe the reasons why SupportCandy comes on top of your list.

What is SupportCandy?

SupportCandy is an innovative plugin specifically designed to streamline your support processes. It has unique competencies, which have the ability to satisfy the customer. Its main goal is to revolutionise the support functions of its users by empowering their teams to foster long-lasting customer relationships.

It has users from every industry using WordPress in the online business world, including Service Providers, Software and Technology, Healthcare and Wellness, Travel and Hospitality, E-Commerce, Education and E-Learning, Media and Publishing, Non-profit Organisations, and IT Ticket Systems.

Reasons SupportCandy Should Be on Top of Your List:

SupportCandy is one such leading WordPress helpdesk plugin that is user-friendly and offers a wide range of features. It offers a user-friendly interface, efficient management, robust analytics, and responsive customer support thanks to knowledge base integration. It also gives you access to multichannel support and automation if you use it.

SupportCandy is neither too complicated to use nor too expensive. Its advanced ticketing system helps you to connect with your customers so that you can solve the problems of your customers immediately. You can use it easily. Hence it should be at the top of your list. The SupportCandy WordPress ticketing system should be at the top of your list when choosing a ticketing system.

The main reasons for this are the following:

1. Seamless WordPress Integration

If you are a software developer and use coding to enhance or change the way your WordPress website works, then Seamless WordPress Integration is of great help to you. SupportCandy offers you this facility, which is essential for your WordPress website.

2. User-Friendly Interface

SupportCandy provides you with a user-friendly interface. For users who do not have much knowledge about website development, working with WordPress can be difficult. Hence SupportCandy guides the users so that they can use WordPress efficiently.

3. Customizable Ticket Forms

SupportCandy provides you the facility of Customizable Ticket Forms through which you can embed a simple contact form. Under this, you can also customise your ticket forms.

4. Advanced Ticket Management

SupportCandy lets you filter tickets as per your wish with default filter headers like All, Unresolved, and Mine. You can also save it for later use. It provides you with the feature of advanced ticket management.

5. Email Piping

You can create and reply to tickets from the comfort of your email account with SupportCandy. Through this, you can give your customers a dedicated email address, which can convert the email into a ticket.

6. Knowledge Base Integration

You can add the knowledge base integration offered by SupportCandy to your website. It provides you with visitor information. It is a collection of guides, educational materials, and articles that you can easily access whenever you want. This allows you to build a customer knowledge base. In addition, it builds automated processes to collect data and access help documentation.

7. Multilingual Support

Multilingual support is essential for a seamless customer experience. SupportCandy gives you access to multilingual support, which breaks down language barriers so that even international customers can easily share their needs.

8. Automated Responses and Escalations

You can use the premium Notifications add-on as part of the Automated Responses and Escalations feature provided by SupportCandy. For example, when a ticket is escalated, you can notify the customer by sending an e-mail.

9. Customizable Reports and Analytics

SupportCandy provides you with a full facility of Customizable Reports and Analytics. With its help, you can set up advanced tracking like e-commerce tracking, downloads, and forms with just a few clicks. It also gives you simple reports for your business website. For analysis purposes, it generates reports on the basis of Custom agent reports, Date-wise reports for tickets, Ticket resolution reports, and Satisfaction survey reports.

10. Mobile-Optimised Interface

SupportCandy is a WordPress support ticket plugin that offers you a mobile optimised interface. With its help, you can optimise your WordPress website for mobile devices. Along with this, you can also enhance the user experience on smartphones and tablets with the help of this feature. This allows you to enhance mobile responsiveness and overall mobile optimization.

11. GDPR Compliance

It is solely your responsibility to ensure that any plugins you install on your website are handling data in a GDPR-compliant manner. GDPR Compliance means an organisation that comes under the General Data Protection Regulation. To be GDPR compliant, you need to update your website’s privacy policy. This gives you information about how your website collects customer data such as IP addresses and the company’s data privacy policy.

12. Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility should be a high priority when choosing a ticketing system for your WordPress website. It helps you scale your business as per your need and flexibly adapt it. There are over 15 custom field types, including text fields and dropdowns as well as dates. You can use these to add custom fields on top of the default fields.

13. Regular Updates and Support

Updates to the latest versions of WordPress keep your website secure. This ensures compatibility and a pleasant user experience. So choose a ticketing system that gives you regular updates and support. Choosing SupportCandy will prove to be the best for you in this area.

14. Cost-Effective Solution

SupportCandy is super easy to use, and customizable. It does not clog your server but provides a robust support ticketing system. With its help, you get a cost-effective solution. It maintains customer support standards.

15. Community and Documentation

Community and Documentation is the cornerstone of WordPress product development. This ensures customer satisfaction for a software product and leads to a better customer support experience. With the help of SupportCandy, you can get this facility.

16. Integration with Other WordPress Plugins

Choose a WordPress customer support plugin for your WordPress website that integrates with other WordPress plugins. SupportCandy provides you this facility so that your agents can sign in to your WordPress dashboard and manage tickets from one place without having to log in to another website. This gives you the flexibility of integration with other services you use to contact customers.

17. Customizable Email Templates

For your brand identity, you need Customizable Email Templates, under which you can fulfil your email marketing goal by using colour, font, etc. For this, you can also use them by adding different text and images. In SupportCandy you also get such a facility.

18. Round-the-Clock Support

With SupportCandy you get access to Round-the-Clock Support, which lets you work round the clock without interruption. You do not find this feature in most ticketing systems.

19. Streamlined Customer Communication

Customer communication is very important to grow your WordPress website, SupportCandy provides you with the necessary features to streamline it. You can use it for customer satisfaction. This builds user confidence in your WordPress website and drives continued engagement.

20. Positive Customer Feedback

Positive customer feedback is essential to the success of your WordPress website. With its help, you can get a fair idea of the performance of the products and services. By using SupportCandy, you get positive customer feedback, which means that customers are satisfied with your services and products.

21. Time and Resource Savings

SupportCandy offers you the convenience of time and resource savings. It is budget-friendly. For this you do not need to pay thousands of dollars, rather you can buy it according to your budget. This makes user and system support much easier. It serves its customers on a large scale with speedy and accurate service delivery so that their time is not wasted. For this, you do not need to waste your time but with the help of this, you can save your time.

22. High Performance and Reliability

SupportCandy gives you high performance, which helps you a lot during fast loading times and efficient ticket management on the website. It gives you credibility that you can count on. It has an average rating of 4.9-5 stars. SupportCandy also ensures you’re meeting your support goals at a professional level and provides you with performance tracking.

23. Continuous Improvement

SupportCandy provides you with the facility of continuous improvement. This is a vital link for WordPress developers, which helps in identifying the improvement area along with collecting user feedback. With the help of this, the users can access all the required features.

24. API Integration

The full form of API is Application Programming Interface which is a type of software. Its main function is to enable two applications to work with each other by exchanging information. It helps WordPress interact with any application. SupportCandy provides you with the convenience of API Integration.

25. Excellent User Reviews

When choosing a ticketing system, it is important for you to know about excellent user reviews. SupportCandy is a WordPress support ticket system, in which you get very good and prompt customer support. It has 10,000 certified users.


With the help of the Support Ticket System Plugin, you can find and analyze problems on your WordPress website in more detail. You can identify the root causes of problems affecting the productivity of your business. SupportCandy has all the features you need to grow your business on a WordPress website. That’s why SupportCandy should be at the top of your list when choosing a ticketing system.

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