Email Marketing Tools Integration

Elevate customer engagement by effortlessly connecting SupportCandy with leading email marketing tools like MailChimp and GetResponse. Subscribe users during registration or ticket creation, and personalize interactions with subscriber tags. Streamline communication for a superior customer experience.


Webhooks deliver real-time notifications, ensuring you stay informed during critical support events, from new ticket creation to closures and agent assignments. Tailor your support experience with dynamic, customizable alerts.


Unlock the power of automation with SupportCandy workflows, revolutionizing the way you manage your processes.

Slack Integration

Get instant notifications to your Slack Channel and respond directly from Slack thread replies. Connect your Slack channel with SupportCandy WordPress Support Plugin so seamlessly for direct response from Slack.

Gravity Forms

Integrate one of the best tools like Gravity Forms with SupportCandy support plugin for wordpress and it allows for the creation of multiple ticket forms.


Allows your agents to maintain time spent on an individual ticket.

Print Ticket

Add print ticket feature to SupportCandy using custom templates.

Easy Digital Downloads

The integration of Easy Digital Downloads with Support Candy Plugin helps in to allow your customers to choose orders and products within the ticket form. Also, allows your agents to view customer orders within the ticket.