Get access to the below premium add-ons and save up to 80% of the individual add-ons price.

Agentgroups (Teams)

You can create groups of agents to whom you can assign tickets to just like individual agents.

Assign Agent Rules

Conditionally assign agents to new tickets automatically using set rules.

Satisfaction Survey

Collect customer feedback and rating for each ticket.

Schedule Tickets

Automatically create periodic tickets by set recurring time and information.


Allows your agents to maintain time spent on an individual ticket.

Export Tickets

Export tickets in CSV format as per current filter from ticket list page.

FAQ Integrations

Integrates popular FAQ plugins with SupportCandy WordPress Support Plugin for great FAQ and others.

Knowledgebase Integrations

Integrate one of the best tool Knowledgebase with SupportCandy support plugin for WordPress today and open the best knowledge base and other services.

Canned Reply

Agents can save their reply and can be accessed in just few clicks in the future while replying the tickets.

Automatic Close Tickets

Automatically close the ticket after x days of inactivity.

Private Credentials

Allows your customers to share sensitive information within the ticket.

Print Ticket

Add print ticket feature to SupportCandy using custom templates.