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Agentgroup is nothing but a group of agents, you can consider it a team. Agentgroup can be formed based on category, department, or any other criteria for differentiation. You can appoint one or more supervisors to the group. Supervisors are the group members with additional capabilities.

Assigning ticket to the agentgroup

Whenever a ticket gets assigned to the agentgroup, supervisors can view the ticket and they have the capability to assign those tickets to the group members. Tickets assigned to the agentgroup can not be visible to the members until supervisors assign those tickets to one of the members. Group members can not see tickets that are assigned to the other members.

Email Notifications

When agentgroup is assigned for any ticket, email notification for the ticket events will be sent to either agentgroup member or agentgroup supervisors. You can add “agentgroup members” or “agentgroup supervisors” to the recipient of the email notifications.

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