If you wish to allow guest users to view their ticket list, you can enable OTP (One Time Password) login. However, OTP login will only work if guest tickets are enabled. You can enable it from Support Settings General Settings Page Settings.

OTP login works as follows:

  1. Visitor comes to your support page.
  2. Click on Sign-in using one time password.
  3. Next, insert his Name and Email Address and click the Sign In button.
  4. He receives a 6-digit one-time password to his email inbox.
  5. Insert this one-time password and click Submit button.
  6. If entered OTP is correct, he is now logged in to the support ticket portal.
  7. This session will be valid for 24 hours and automatically logs out the user when it is expired.

Please note that this login is not regular WordPress login. It only applies to the support portal where users can manage their tickets.

Although this feature allows guest users to log in and manage their tickets, registered users and agents can also use this to log in to the support portal.

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