You can follow the below steps to import or pipe emails from your Gmail or Google Workspace account.

1. Set connection in general settings

Set Gmail as a connection in SupportSettingsEmail PipingGeneral, as shown in the below screenshot.

2. Create a Google Cloud Project

A Google Cloud project is required to use Google Workspace APIs. Click the link below to create and give the project a name. We will name it as SupportCandy.

Create a new google cloud project

3. Select the project

After you press the Create button in the above step, it may take up to a few minutes for the project to be available for selection. Once it is ready, select the project shown in the screenshot below.

Select the project

4. Enable Gmail APIs

Click the Menu → APIs and services → Library

Go to API Library

Search for “Gmail API” and click the result shown in the screenshot below.

Search for Gmail

Click Enable to enable the Gmail APIs, as shown in the below screenshot.

Enable the Gmail APIs

5. Setup OAuth consent screen

Select the OAuth Consent screen

Choose User Type
Insert app information
Insert Developer contact information
Add test user
Click ADD and then click SAVE AND CONTINUE

6. Create new credentials

Credentials – 1
Credentials -2
Credentials – 3
Credentials -4
Publish the App

Now go to the OAuth Consent Screen section and click on the Publish App button.

Email Piping Publish App

7. Connect to the Gmail APIs

8. Real-time CRON setup

WordPress CRON is not reliable for consistent email piping. It only gets executed when you have the visitor on the website. You can follow the below link if you haven’t set up real-time CRON for your WordPress website.

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