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Working hours, Holidays, and Exceptions decide the availability of your company or organization for support. Company or organization-level availability will determine the tickets’ SLA deadlines or any future requirements we may have.

Further, you can modify Working Hours for individual agents and log their leaves which will decide the availability of a particular agent. Agent’s availability will be used in Assign agent rules or any future requirements we may have.

Working hours

You can decide the working hours for your company or organization in this section. This will be used as a template for the agent’s working hours when you add a new agent. You can modify the agent’s working hours in the Support Agents section. Modifications in the company or organization’s working hours will not affect the working hours of the existing agents.


There may be a situation like, for example, working hours on Monday are 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, but on a specific date (Monday), you wish to work between 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. This is where the Exceptions come into play. You can add the exception of working hours on a specific date, and the system will prefer these working hours. Exceptions for an individual agent can be set separately in the Support Agents section. This exception will only work for a company or organization-level working hours.


As the name suggests, you can set holidays for your company or organization in this setting. To set a holiday, select the date or date range (select and drag), select the action Add new holidays, choose if you wish to repeat this every year, and submit. Next, follow the same procedure to delete holidays and choose the action Delete existing holidays instead of Add new holidays.


This section is available within the Support Agents settings. You can set leaves or day-offs for the individual agent.

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