Support → Settings → Automatic Close Tickets 

The automatic Close Ticket add-on helps you to close abandoned tickets after defined days. For example, you may need to close the tickets after 10 days whose status is “Awaiting Customer Reply”. This add-on helps you to get rid of inactive tickets.

This add-on not only closes the tickets but sends an email notification before closing the tickets. This will make your workflow more organized by closing the abandoned tickets as well as helps to increase customer engagement by sending reminder before closing the tickets.

Ticket status to check for auto-close

Insert the ticket statuses to check for auto-close. Tickets belonging to these statuses will be auto-closed after the defined time period.

Age (days)

Set the number of days of inactivity after which tickets should be closed.

Close status

This status will be assigned to the tickets which are closed by the automatic closed ticket add-on. The system will check for close statuses and assign the chosen status on the completion of the defined period.

You can add options for the close statuses from the Support → Ticket List → More Settings  Advanced.

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