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Widgets are groups of information in an individual ticket. Below are the widgets available with the core product. In addition, add-ons may add widgets which we will cover in the add-on documentation. For each widget, you can control who can view or modify them.

You can rename, enable/disable and change the widgets’ order from this setting.

Ticket status

You can view/modify the ticket Status, Category, and Priority of the ticket.


You can view/modify the ticket creator (raised by). You can also access the customer info and other tickets from this widget created by the same user.

Customer info consists of the customer’s name, email address, and any of the custom fields (customer fields). Non-agent users will not be able to view/modify the customer info. Agents can view the customer info for tickets allowed to them but can change it only when their Agent Role is allowed to “Edit customer info”

Ticket info

This widget lets you view information like IP Address, Source, Browser, and Operating System.


You can view/modify assigned agents to the ticket.

Ticket fields

You can view/modify custom fields (not default fields) of type “Ticket Fields” in this widget.

Agent only fields

You can view/modify custom fields of type “Agent Only Fields” in this widget.

Additional recipients

Agents or customers can add additional recipients to the tickets. These recipients will be treated like customers and receive ticket notifications sent to the customer.

Biographical info

Agents can see the biographical info of the ticket creator available in the WordPress user profile.

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