Welcome to the SupportCandy Dashboard, your centralized hub for efficient customer support management. Gain a comprehensive view of ticket statuses, including open, unresolved, unassigned, and closed, ensuring you stay on top of your support queue dynamics. Keep a close eye on service level agreements (SLA) with insights into tickets out of SLA, due today, and due tomorrow, allowing for prompt prioritization of critical issues.

Exclusive Access for Support Agents: The Dashboard is specifically designed for support agents, ensuring that customers do not have access. Agents can conveniently access the dashboard from both the WordPress backend and front end, providing flexibility and ease of use in managing support operations.

Enable Dashboard

You can enable the Dashboard for agent roles from Support > Support Agents > Agent Roles > Edit > Dashboard Access.

Allow Widget Visibility for Agent Roles

You can enable Dashboard widget visibility for agent roles from Support > Settings > Dashboard > Widgets > Edit > Allowed Agent Roles.

Default Date Range for Widgets

Select the default date range for Dashboard widgets from Support > Settings > Dashboard > General > Default Date Range.

Manage Recent Activity Widget

You can add or remove the recent activity logs from Support > Settings > Dashboard > General > Allowed recent activity logs.

Dashboard Auto Refresh

You can enable or disable the auto-refresh status of the Dashboard.

Customization Options

Customize your dashboard experience with flexible date ranges for reports, analyzing ticket statistics like openings versus closures over different time frames. Dive into agent workload analysis, monitoring assigned tickets per agent with statuses such as open, awaiting customer reply, and awaiting agent reply. Stay informed on recent activities through the Recent Activity section, providing quick access to information on recent tickets and ongoing support operations.

Efficiently manage tickets with lists of those out of SLA and those with active timers, as well as view tickets from each user group. Customize the dashboard appearance to seamlessly integrate with your theme, ensuring a consistent and branded user interface. Role-based visibility management allows administrators to tailor access for each agent role, providing a personalized user experience.

In summary, the SupportCandy Dashboard, exclusively available to support agents, streamlines workflows, improves response times and enhances the overall customer support experience. Use its features to propel your support operations to new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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