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You can set up email notification templates for ticket events in this section.

Below are events that you can set up email templates for. In addition, add-ons may add their events, which we will discuss in the add-on documentation.

  • Create new ticket
  • Ticket reply – Called when a reply is added to the ticket.
  • Change ticket status – Called when ticket status is changed. For example, change the status from Open to Awaiting customer reply.
  • Change ticket category
  • Change ticket priority
  • Change assignee – Change ticket assignee (assigned agent)
  • Delete ticket
  • Submit private note

You must change the notification status to Enabled. Otherwise, this email notification won’t be sent.

You can use macros or placeholders within the Subject and Body.

Below are recipient options that you can select within To, CC, and BCC:
  • Customer – ticket owner (Raised by)
  • Assignee – Assigned agents
  • Additional Recipients – additional recipients set in the ticket
  • Current user – If not set, a notification is not sent to the current user. For example, if an agent submits a reply but the current user is not set, an email notification will not be sent to the current user (agent) even though the assignee is set.
  • Agent Roles – All agents with the selected role.
  • Custom Recipients

You can set conditions to the email template so that emails will be sent only when specified conditions are matched.

Special Case: Close Ticket Notification when the agent closes the ticket by Reply and Close

If you want to send a close notification when the agent closes the ticket by Reply and Close then please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Support > Email Notifications > Ticket Notifications > Reply Ticket > Edit > Set condition: Status – Not Matches – Closed > Save the changes.
  2. Go to Support > Email Notifications > Ticket Notifications > Add New > Event: Reply Ticket > Set Condition: Status – Equals – Closed > Set Subject and Email Body same as Close ticket notification > Set Recipients > Save the changes.

This notification will trigger when the agent selects reply and close and it includes the content same as the close ticket notification.

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