SLA stands for Service Level Agreement you may wish to set between you and your customers. For example, you may need to set the below scenario for your ticket workflow:

  • First, a new ticket must be replied to within 8 hours.
  • You must respond within two days when the customer returns to the ticket.
  • Finally, the ticket must be closed within ten days from the date created.

If everything happens in the given time, it is called “Within SLA”; if it violates the time restriction, it is called “Out of SLA”.

You can set different conditions to apply the SLA to the ticket from time to time whenever some modification happens. These conditions are called “SLA Policy”.

You can set multiple SLA policies. If multiple SLA policies are valid for the ticket, the policy with the nearest time among them is applied.

You can also set email notifications to the “Out of SLA” event for the ticket, which will send email notifications when a ticket goes out of SLA.

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