Manual workflow can be defined using conditions (based on custom fields and other ticket properties) and current users. When triggered manually the applied condition evaluates the ticket and applies workflow based and performs the defined action.


You can trigger the manual workflow from the individual ticket page in the workflow widget if you have permission. You will get a list of workflow in the widget, once triggered the applied condition evaluates the ticket and applied the workflow, and perform the defined actions.


Conditions are the algorithm to evaluate the ticket. You can choose any algorithm required to set up your workflow. Conditions could be based on any ticket field like status, category, subject, customer, etc. Also, you can choose the operator to compare the conditional field. For example, you can choose “equal to”, “matches”, “compare as”, and “Has word”.


Actions are the defined task that will execute upon satisfying the conditions. You can set more than one action if needed. These are the following actions available:

  • Add Reply
  • Add Private Note
  • Change Subject
  • Change Status
  • Change Category
  • Change Priority
  • Change Assignee
  • Change additional Recipient
  • Change ticket fields
  • Change AgentOnly fields
  • Change Customer fields
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