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You apply a service level agreement (SLA) to a ticket to specify the service commitments that must be met either by the service provider or the customer.


Define the time in which the course of action should be completed.

Calculate From

Calculated from is the starting point of your SLA timer.

  • Date Created: The targeted time is calculated from the date created time. For example, the ticket must be closed within ten days after creation.
  • Date Updated: The targeted time is calculated from the last update time of the ticket. For example, agents must reply to the ticket within two days after the customer post a reply to the ticket.

Conditions, when satisfied, the policy is selected to apply on the ticket.

For example, you may wish to set the SLA of two days when the customer just replied to the ticket and the ticket category is “Technical Query”. You can set conditions as given below:

  • Choose the relation as “AND” so that policy is selected only when both conditions are satisfied.
  • Click the “Add New” button.
  • We assume that you have set the “Awaiting agent reply” status when the customer replies to the ticket.
  • Select the “Status” equals “Awaiting agent reply”.
  • Click the “Add new” button to add one more condition.
  • Select the “Category” equals “Technical Query”.
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