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Customer Feedback is very important to improve performance and quality of service by getting reviews from customers against the services we provide to them.
This add-on helps you to get feedback from your users to enhance your quality of services. This add-on allows you to automatically collect feedback responses that rate your agent’s performance on a ticket.

Setting up Survey Page
Create a new page for the survey where a customer gets redirected when they click on a survey link. Use the shortcode [wpsc_sf] on the page.
Survey Page

Whenever a ticket gets closed by the customer, or support agent or gets automatically closed then a survey email notification will be sent to the customer which contains a link to the survey page. You can learn more about email notification templates here.

Trigger survey when a customer closes the ticket

Whenever the customer closes the ticket, the customer can rate the ticket on the same page. A popup will appear to capture the survey.

Closed statuses to enable survey

Here you can set the statuses for which the survey will trigger. But please note, you have to mention those statuses as close statuses in the Support → Ticket List → More Setting → Advanced → Close Statuses.

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