Support → Settings → Usergroups

You may have customers who are part of the same organization or company and wants to group them. This add-on helps you to group users according to their organization or company. Also, you can appoint one or more supervisors for the group. The supervisor is a group member who has additional permission to view all the tickets created by group members.

How does it work?
  • Supervisors can view all the tickets created by group members
  • A user can be part of more than one group, similarly, supervisors can be part of more than one group
  • You can create one supervisor or can appoint all the members as supervisors depending on your requirement.
  • Users can not view the tickets assigned to the other members but supervisors can.
Email Notifications

When the usergroup is assigned for any ticket, email notifications for the ticket events will be sent to either usergroup members or usergroup supervisors. You can add “usergroup members” or “usergroup supervisors” to the recipient of the email notifications.

Usergroup Widget

You can enable the usergroup widget on the ticket page from Support → Settings → Ticket Widgets →Usergroup. Here you can enable/disable this widget for support agents and customers. Those who have access to this widget can change the usergroup, and view all the members of the group.

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