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The Dashboard Cards in SupportCandy provide a quick snapshot of key ticket metrics, enabling support agents to efficiently manage their workload and prioritize tasks. Each card displays the number of tickets in various categories, such as new tickets, unresolved tickets, unassigned tickets, closed tickets, tickets assigned to the current agent (Mine), tickets out of SLA, tickets due today, and tickets due tomorrow. These cards dynamically adjust based on the agent’s visibility permissions, ensuring that administrators see all tickets while individual agents see only their respective tickets. Clickable numbers within the cards allow users to seamlessly navigate to the ticket list with the respective filter applied, facilitating swift access to relevant ticket information. Additionally, the cards specifically highlight the number of tickets due for today, offering real-time insights into immediate priorities.

Description of Each Card:

  1. New Tickets: Displays the number of newly created tickets that require attention and are awaiting processing or assignment.
  2. Unresolved Tickets: Indicates the number of tickets that have not yet been resolved or closed, requiring ongoing support or resolution.
  3. Unassigned Tickets: This card shows the count of tickets that have not been assigned to any specific agent, potentially indicating a need for assignment or distribution.
  4. Closed Tickets: Represents the number of tickets that have been successfully resolved and closed, providing a measure of completed support tasks.
  5. Mine (Assigned to Current Agent): Displays the number of tickets assigned specifically to the current support agent, aiding in workload management and task prioritization.
  6. Out of SLA: Indicates the number of tickets that have exceeded their defined service level agreements (SLA), highlighting potential service delivery issues.
  7. Due Today: Displays the count of tickets with SLA due dates set for the current day, signaling urgent tasks requiring immediate attention.
  8. Due Tomorrow: Represents the number of tickets with SLA due dates set for the following day, allowing agents to plan and prioritize upcoming tasks effectively.

These Dashboard Cards offer a convenient way for support agents to monitor ticket statuses at a glance, facilitating efficient task management and ensuring timely resolution of customer inquiries and issues.

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