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Attachment max file size(MB)

You can set the maximum size of a file that can be attached to the ticket.

Allowed File Extension

Enter all possible file extensions that you want to allow for attachments.

MIME exceptions(One per line)

We use WordPress’s default functionality for file attachment. WordPress does not allow all the file types, so you need to allow special MIME types in this setting.

For example, file types like cam, dcm, stl, emb, pes, and jef are not allowed. So you have to add a file extension to the “Allowed File Extensions” setting at above and add “Extension:MIME type” at “MIME exceptions(One per Line)” in the given format.

So to allow cam, dcm, stl, emb, pes, and jef types we need to add MIME types as follows:


Download Behaviour 

You can choose the attached file viewing behavior.

  1. Try opening in the browser: If set, it will ask the browser to open a file in a new tab. If the browser does not support the file, it will download it.
  2. Download: If set, it will directly download the file.
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