Step 1: Enable REST APIs

We assume you already installed and activated the Slack integration add-on for SupportCandy. Similarly, if not already done, you need to enable REST APIs for SupportCandy for slack integrations to work.

You can enable REST API in the below setting:

Support → Settings → Miscellaneous  Advanced

Step 2: Create an App on Slack

Click here to go to the Slack API page and follow the steps below to create an app in a few easy steps.

Step 3: Enable notifications

Enable slack notification for SupportCandy by following the below steps.

Step 4: Enable reply ticket from Slack

Enable reply tickets directly from the slack notification messages by following the below steps.

Step 5: Associate slack users with Agents

When one of your team members replies to the ticket notification from Slack, it is posted as Fallback Agent and not the team member who responded to it.

You can associate the Slack user with SupportCandy Agent to solve this problem, as given below.

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