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As the name suggests, usergroup fields are fields related to the usergroup itself, you can add custom fields to it. For example, if you have an organization as a usegroup then you can create custom fields like location, employee count, revenue, and many more.

 It will be available in the Usergroup Fields widget in an individual ticket visible to the users depending upon the visibility of this widget for agents and customers.

Create a new Usergroup field

Support  Custom Fields  Usergroup Fields Add New

  • Label – Rename the field.
  • Load after – Change the order.
  • Field Type – Select the type of the field
  • Extra info – Extra information about the field for the new ticket form.
  • Character limit – Set the number of maximum allowed characters.
  • Placeholder – Set the placeholder text.
  • Date Range – Select the date range as future, past, all, or between.
  • Date format – Set the date format (e.g. “Y-m-d H:i:s”). You can follow this link for reference to the format options. It will use the default date format set in general settings if not provided.
Populate usergroup fields

Once you create a usergroup field, it will be available to populate while creating the usergroup at Support  Settings  Usergroup Usergroup →Add New.

Usergroup Fields in the usergroup widget

Once you create a usergroup and populate the usergroup field, it can be visible on the individual ticket page in the usergroup widget.

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